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Business owners in the Marshall Shadeland area and beyond know they can trust Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith for all their access management and security requirements because of our consistent track record of success in this area. Since the local marketplace is so highly competitive, your business simply cannot afford to be shut down for any length of time because of broken locks or any other kind of access problem.

This is our specialists work so hard every day to support the economic viability of small businesses throughout the Marshall Shadeland area, providing high-quality locksmith services for all commercial clients in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. Our on-demand locksmith services are delivered promptly and effectively by our technicians using mobile locksmith workshops, so that access to your valuable business assets can be restored quickly.

From repairing or replacing old locks to cutting off old rusty padlocks, and even unlocking or repairing different types of safes, our team of specialists has the equipment and the know-how to resolve commercial locksmith issues efficiently and professionally. With their extensive background in training and hands-on experience, our specialists arrive on site with everything necessary to resolve any issue and have it done right the first time.

Lock Changes

If your small business has insufficient security, it can end up costing you in many ways – even small business losses can have a big impact on a tight budget. An installation of buzzer systems might be just what you need to help manage access to sensitive areas, so that your vulnerability to business loss can be reduced. We can also perform complete overnight conversions at your place of business, changing all the locks in a hotel, school, or office complex so that you’re ready for business the next morning. Whether your commercial locksmith task is a big one or a small one, we at Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith can handle it, and we await your call for consultation at 412-599-1015 .

Lock DamageMarshall Shadeland PA Locksmith, Marshall Shadeland, PA 412-599-1015

Damage can occur in several ways, including vandalism or deliberate abuse, as well as simple wear and tear, but when it does happen it can prevent customer access to your business and stop employees from retrieving necessary equipment or inventory. Our Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith technicians can help you overcome this access issue very quickly by repairing your lock or changing it altogether, thus minimizing lost business time.

Safe/Cabinet Locks

Sometimes the filing cabinets, safes, and other equipment which restricts access to your valuables can malfunction or simply become inoperable, limiting or preventing your access to those assets. With an expert locksmith from Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith on the job, your access can be quickly restored to those filing cabinets or safes, usually within an hour of your call.

Emergency Exit Lock

Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith, Marshall Shadeland, PA 412-599-1015Emergency exit locks can be very important to the safety of personnel and goods inside any business establishment, and if they aren’t working properly they might easily be discovered during a building inspection, resulting in potentially heavy fines or penalties. This makes it important to check regularly for proper functionality of emergency exit locks, so that any problems can be discovered promptly.

Key Replacement

Losing an important business key can result in chaos for your establishment, since it might prevent employee access to equipment, vehicles, and inventory which are required for daily operations. To minimize downtime or to avoid it altogether, you can have an Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith technician right at your site within an hour of your call, with all the tools necessary to create new keys and restore access to your valuable assets.

Master Key Systems

One of the best ways to protect your business is with the installation of a master key system by Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith, because it permits access to your company’s important resources by your most trusted employees only. Our Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith locksmiths are also fully capable of installing a sub-master key system at your place of business, so that you can associate levels of access with specific employee responsibilities.

Many local businesses avail themselves of our expert locksmith services, including some of the following:

Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith, Marshall Shadeland, PA 412-599-1015

  • Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks

We at Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith have been assisting clients in the Marshall Shadeland area with the design and installation of both simple and complex security systems for a long time now. We take great pride in offering on-demand services such as: overcoming commercial building lockouts, opening and unlocking file cabinets, and doing the service and re-programming for digital locks, among a vast array of other services. Whatever your business security needs are, call us today and let us bring our considerable experience to work for you, wherever you are in the Marshall Shadeland area.