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What are high-security keys? Everyone is inquisitive about it. How do these keys provide better safety and security as compared to the regular keys? There are numerous reasons for you to choose a high-security key :

  • High-security keys cannot be copied – Regular keys are easily duplicated whereas a high-security key is so designed that it is impossible to duplicate it.  Any burglar can somehow unlock a lock opened by a regular key but it is impossible for him to get past a lock with such a key.
  • Last for years – These keys are so designed that they seldom break during operation, thus saving time and money.
  • Marvels of technology – The way we secure our assets is continuously evolving. A high-security key is the most fitting example of modern-day security.

What customers know about high-security keys?

Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith Pittsburgh, PA 412-599-1015It is quite clear that the lock and key industry is on an upward scale when it comes to progress. Today’s modern security systems will baffle anyone from even two decades ago. Despite making such large strides, there are still many who prefer using the traditional lock and keys simply because they do not trust new technology or believe that it comes with a high price tag.

Affordable high-security keys:

It’s a popular misconception among non-users that high-security keys and locks are very expensive. While this was true back in the day when the technology was new, with wide usage and popularity, affording a high-security key has become quite easy.

Get an affordable upgrade with Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith:

If you are planning to opt for a lock upgrade and switching to a high-security key system, then Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith is the one you should contact. We have fixed up countless customers in area with high-security keys systems and offer a wide range of options to choose from. We have keys that fit every budget and need. Plus, quality is never a concern as we procure our products from reputed international manufacturers.

Feel free to visit our stores to know all the possible choices to select from. You can even contact us at 412-599-1015 and our experts will personally visit you and help you choose the one that fits your budget.