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If you have lost a key to your home, car, or office, you can simply walk into a nearby hardware store and get a duplicate made. This was the easy part. However, nine times out of ten, trouble starts from here. How? The material used by the technicians at the local hardware stores for key making may not be of the best quality and the keys made of such material have a tendency to break within a few months. Even the workmanship is not up to the mark, with keys not turning smoothly and damaging the levers of the locks, causing further damage.

Key making is a job for a skilled professional as not everyone can reproduce a perfectly cut key. If you require a duplicate or a spare key, you should always approach an experienced and reliable locksmith. Though it may seem to be a bit more expensive as compared to the hardware store variety, it will prove more beneficial in the long run as you won’t be running back and forth to the store for a new key every few months.

Hire an expert in key making from Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith:

Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith Pittsburgh, PA 412-599-1015When every other locksmith company in the town projects itself as the best, it is understandably confusing for any customer to choose the one that is speaking the truth. Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith is a professional locksmith company that always walks the talk and delivers quality solutions each time you rely on us. This is the reason why many of our competitors have come and gone while we remain resolutely in our place. Our experienced workforce, timely solutions, and cost-effective methods make us the most dependable locksmith firm in area, qualified to handle even the trickiest key making tasks with great skill and expertise.

Precise key cutting through latest tools:

A duplicate key made at a hardware store and one cut by Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith are like chalk and cheese. While the technician at hardware store uses inferior material and traditional tools to carve out a sloppy-edged duplicate key, our skilled locksmiths use ultra-modern tools and equipment to create a first-rate key fit to withstand years of use.

Key making is an art perfected with years of practice and only experienced craftsmen like Marshall Shadeland PA Locksmith’s locksmiths can provide you with a key that will last long years of use. Call us now on 412-599-1015 if you want a sturdy, precise, and quality key.